After the valuable experiences of the PRISMA program in 2016 and 2017 with young talents from different institutions of the country, PRISMA 2018 arrives to continue motivating and stimulating our outstanding students, their families, and institutions.

In this third edition, 30 of our students will attend to different universities, conferences and workshops at Bogotá; They will share time and knowledge with teachers and scientists, as well as visit places of artistic, scientific, recreational and business interest. They will share time with students from other regions in integration activities. This allow them to live an empowered experience in all ways.

The purpose of the program is to continue strengthening and growing up our children’s curiosity with scientific, cultural, artistic and recreational topics.

For most of our students this is their first chance of: Travel and know Bogotá, share with others in the university enviroment, visit the historic center, go to the museum, a concert, an exhibition or an innovative company.

We want this first change to be an engine in every child’s or young’s thoughts to turn them into new opportunities, make dreams come true and contribute positively to our community.

Help us to give these 30 children their first change to enjoy this experience